Atelier K is the art school introduces various, professional art education program which is specialized and individualized to help any students achieve their goals in art/design.

School programs offer the unique blend of traditional, academic enforced Korean Art Education and creativity driven U.S. Art Education. Our students benefit from these unique, yet well-balanced art education programs.


Atelier K is an art school for all ages. Anyone who has interests in art, they can join our classes. The Broad spectrum of art education program will satisfy the student's needs in art education.


Enthusiastic yet talented teachers will help the students to develop the skills that will help them to accomplish the art pieces in depth. Our goal is to help the artists “Create” arts not “Make” by understanding the fundamentals of art/design theories in the creative mind.

Our program will cover the various media (crayons, pencils, pastels, conté, charcoals, watercolor, acrylics, oil paints, multi-media, computer graphics, etc) and understand the characters and know-how that will always enrich the art pieces.


Don't forget the fun! All artists should enjoy the pleasure of creating art pieces.


At Atelier K, our artists will create masterpieces. 


Kelly Lee is a very talented and creative art director/artist. She has an extensive background from fine art to graphic design. Her strength came from the broad spectrum of art education and work experience. She loves to help other artists with innovative ideas. Senior Art Director (17+ years of art directing experiences with extensive freelance projects including illustrations/graphic design/creative directing definitely can be the evidence of extensive knowledge. And she always shares all of the in-depth knowledge and ideas with our students.



  • B. A. degree at Art Center College of Design (Pasadena, CA) with Distinction.

  • Attending B. A. degree at Ewha Women's University (Seoul, S.Korea)



  • Art directors for print business since 2000.

  • Freelance projects for numerous editorial pieces, CI, commercial prints, and editorial illustrations.

  • Art direction for numerous independent films.